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Prasanna Vijayakumar

Joint Managing Director

  • Practises to live simple and humble
  • Passionate hospitality professional
  • Displays “yes we can” attitude
  • Firmly believes every customer deserves wow experience
  • Loves to volunteer for social cause
  • Believes in the fact, that health is true wealth
  • 15 Years of Experience in Hospitality Industry
Aravinthan Vijayakumar

Deputy Managing Director

  • Believes in hard work to success
  • Passionate business professional
  • Displays “everything is possible” attitude
  • Firmly believes every business is driven by its competent team
  • Loves to travel.
  • Tech savy
  • 10 Years of Experience in Hospitality Industry
Saravanan. D

Business Manager

  • Believes in hard work and sincerity
  • Passionate in hotel operations auditing
  • Displays “everything has a purpose” attitude
  • Firmly believes work ethics
  • Systematic and reliable person
  • 12 Years of Experience in Hospitality Industry

Training & Execution Manager

  • Believes in faith, GOD and honesty
  • Passionate in hotel operations auditing
  • Displays “Live and let Live” attitude
  • Firmly believes in learning and development
  • Simple and caring person
  • 10 Year of Experience in Hospitality Industry

MSV Hospitality Consultants are a group of result driven specialists and experienced Hotel & Resort Consultants.

From setting up your business, to scaling up your operations, making you targets, seizing the hospitality market MSV Hospitality Consultants are attuned to address your specific business demands. Using our expertise we help build profitable ventures from the ground up and revitalize existing businesses into fresh market capitalizing operations. We provide far-reaching results through unrivalled hospitality intelligence to help your company outperform the competition. From market research, strategic planning, operational management, brand building to customer management and a host of other key services we work with a variety of clients across the hospitality spectrum. Our services have consistently made a positive difference in the business performance of several hotels, resorts, private clubs, restaurants, bars, spas and catering canteens. If you run a hospitality business and are looking to maximize your business, give us a call and help us to help you see the difference.

In today’s highly dynamic and rapidly evolving market place it is vital for independent hotels to have the right tools and support to become market leaders. By building strong relationships with our clients, we become long-term strategic partners in business. We challenge the status quo in the market with our progressive and energetic culture. We believe that change leads the way to success. As hotel Operation consultants we offer consulting solutions to leading hotels, Resorts, Villas in Chennai, Bangalore and major towns of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Anthraprathesh and Kerala. We also take pride in being consultants for Restaurants, Bar and Kitchens.